Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wei Zhuang

Wei Zhuang , courtesy name Duanyi , was a Chinese poet and period historical figure, is best known for his poetry in '''' and '''' styles. He was born into a family of minor scholars in Duling county, a town southwest of the capital Changan.

He seems to have begun his official career at the age of forty-four, when he passed the metropolitan examination. His writings of the period are concerned with festive surroundings and friends. In the same year of 880 the Huang Chao's rebellion destroyed the capital and forced the court to remove itself to Sichuan. Wei himself was held captive by the rebels. Wei’s long poem ''Ballad of the Lady Jin'' perhaps recounts these events. Subsequently Wei wandered for ten years. In 894, Wei passed the Jinshi examination, enabling him to secure an official post. However in 896, the Li Maozhen's rebellion led to further dislocations. In 901, proclaimed himself ruler of the court. Wei would eventually become prime minister of the Shu Kingdom. Wei had perhaps perceived the inevitable end of the Tang ruling house and attached himself to the new kingdom in Chengdu. He spent his final years in a compilation of Tang poems as well as his own collected verse.

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