Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shen Quanqi

Shen Quanqi , also known as Yunqing , was a Tang Dynasty poet, born in the prefecture of Neihuang , province of Xiangzhou , which is known today as the province of Henan.

In 675, Shen Quanqi obtained a magistrate degree. He then served several positions as a scholar at the imperial court, and was appointed by the ruler Zhang Yizhi . However, the Wuzhou Dynasty was overthrown, and ruler Zhang Yizhi was executed. As a result, Shen Quanqi was arrested and imprisoned on charges of bribery and corruption. He was then released, but sent in exile to Huanzhou , which is known today as Hoan Ch?u in Vietnam. Eventually he was called back to resume his duties at the imperial court.

He made numerous contributions to Chinese poetry, including the Five-verse poems . He was also known to write together with poet Song Zhiwen , and the two were known as the "Shen-Song" pair.

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